Photo Scavenger Hunt


I like to play this game with myself.  I call it “photo scavenger hunt”, not to be confused with another game I play called “photo drive by shooting.”  In this little game, I like to find interesting photos in mundane settings.  If I had children, I think it would be an awesome game to play with them.  Give them each a camera and send them out in the neighborhood and see who can take the most interesting shot.  But since we have no children and our pets cannot properly operate a camera(we’ve tried) then I must play alone.

So today, I decided to walk to our neighborhood park.  Afar, it’s quite the usual suburban cookie cutter house park.  However, look up close and there are beautiful things one can find.  Perhaps, we should all play this little game.  Maybe not with cameras but with our own lives.  It’s easy to…

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~ by SC on September 20, 2012.

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