Inspiration Bank: Awesome Analogue Art

HandyDandy Studio

Aside from writing about my own tips and tricks on photography techniques and art projects on Lomography Magazine’s Tipster section, I also get to write about analogue art–actual, physical masterpieces that are made by hand. It feels so great to have come across some beautiful works of art and the brilliant, creative minds behind them, and writing about these “finds” have really been nothing short of inspirational. Let me share with you some of my recent favorite artists and briefly tell you about their marvelous creations.

Daré alla Lucé by Amy Friend

Amy Friend has found a rather smart and simple way to make light pass through beautiful vintage photos by puncturing them with tiny holes. When held up against the light, it’s as if fairies have lent their magic to make the photos spellbinding. The results are nothing short of enchanting.

Beautiful Coffee Cup Art by Cheeming Boey

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~ by SC on September 22, 2012.

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