blah blah 5

ok this is really suck

i’m telling about myself

me : oh blah blah is ok, blah blah’s character is fine

my friend also blah blah’s roommate: no, it’s not. blah blah is the kind of person that really hard to find a friend

ok at first i didn’t trust anybody, i found it by myself

right now, i still can’t believe that you’re not good enough to be a friend

i don’t know

you yelled at me yesterday, i was very angry

after that, i knew you’d felt bad about that but i could not accept that attitude

i chose silence

day-1 ok

day-2 not ok

i really want to talk to you about your personality

it’s not good

how can i talk to you about that if you don’t want to listen

and i’m afraid that you will hate me

i 50% love you

50% dislike you

i’m really suck, an’t i TT_TT


~ by SC on November 9, 2012.

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