See As Many Sunrises As Possible…

Travels with the Blonde Coyote

Some Rules of the Roadtrip are easier to uphold than others. Always take the scenic route? No problem. Take a walk everyday? Yes please! See as many sunrises as possible? Ugh. I am a morning person, but I’m also solar powered; I have a hard time waking up before the sun. But when I’m on the road, I always make an effort to see a few sunrises. No matter how cold and dark it is outside and how warm my sleeping bag is, when the sun bleeds over the horizon, I’m always glad I got out of bed.

Seeing the sun rise and set – two of the greatest shows on Earth – always makes me feel like I’m in exactly the right spot at the right time, a priceless feeling when you’re adrift on the road. Sunrises and sunsets became a rule of the road a few years ago…

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~ by SC on November 10, 2012.

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