Pic of the Day – 12/5/12

Check Your Premises

This picture reminds me of a stunt done by an old science teacher. Only it was green and done inside the lab.

Glenn Smith taught chemistry and science. Everyone called him Smitty. He was terrifying. The perfect mad scientist, he was crazy as a loon and tough on his students. The classroom had a wall of windows that looked out onto the grass ball fields. Punishment for anything that irked him was to run laps around the field. “Round the backstop!” he’d bellow. Since the field was in full view of the windows, there was no possibility of cheating by cutting corners or skipping a lap. The worse the offense, the more laps. Even his way of speaking was weird. Instead of saying, for instance, “This here and that there,” he’d point and bark, “Ootie, ootie, and OOTIE!!!” You’d been really insulted if he called you a “pigdog.”…

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~ by SC on December 8, 2012.

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