France!! my love


Happy Easter everyone!!!!

I’m listening to French music and I want to write something but I have no ideas..

I’m not good at writing especially in english …

France!!! city of love !!! city of néon ?? google helped me with “néon” 

to me, France is dream that far far away .. It seems like I have no confident to make my dream come true nahhhhhhhhhhhhh. I CAN DO IT

I can do it in 5 years of working maybe ??? who knows

Eiffel tower, the Sein…that is all I know about beautiful France, it ok??? I’m ok 

I’m ok with me now

I’m ok because i have a dream that will come true 

I’m ok beacuse i believe one day i’ll be in France

I’m ok because i’ll take many many pictures with France 

I’m ok because I know that I’m in love with France

I’m ok because I know France

I’m ok because I read about France

I’m ok ..

Actually, I traveled France throught TV, books … maybe 

I’ve loved a guy since I love the hell that happened????

France city of love!!! because French kiss …

what am I writing now..

messy words ..messy thought … 




~ by SC on March 30, 2013.

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