Ain’t nobody gonna steal my joy.

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Who can be unhappy when purple flowered friends line the path?  Who can be sad when yellow bits adorn the way?  Who wants to cry when pebbles, bits of trees, and little weeds glisten and sparkle from the sun’s touch? People, circumstances, and bad luck all fight to take away your joy.  But remember, my friends, you hold the lockbox with your feelings and reactions neatly stored inside.  Only you can give away the key.

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Morning spring Stroll Through Montmartre

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Rebecca Plotnick Photography

As my days here come to an end I try to make the most of every moment. I woke up early for a stroll in Montmartre. When I am up early enough its just me and Paris. Its my favorite time.









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Between Donau and Balaton – A town of art and religion

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Market flowers in Paris

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Rebecca Plotnick Photography

My favorite market in Paris is the Bastille market close to the Marais. I rode my bike yesterday morning to the market to pick up a few things including flowers. My favorite vendor had a wonderful display and let me snap a few shots.




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Rikugien – Night Time Cherry Blossom Viewing

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Tokyobling's Blog

During the last few days of the Tokyo Cherry Blossom viewing season I went to see the two huge cherry trees lit up at the famous Rikugien (六義園) in Tokyo’s Bunkyo ward. These kind of cherry trees are called shidarezakura, or weeping sakura, and the ones in this garden are particularly famous. Due to the early start of the cherry blossom season this year I think a lot of festivals and planned events came too late for the flower viewing, I hope everyone in Tokyo had the chance visit at least a few of the hanami parties this year. For next year’s visit to the gardens I will try to go both earlier in the season and earlier in the evening!




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tiny&little secrets

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France!! my love

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Happy Easter everyone!!!!

I’m listening to French music and I want to write something but I have no ideas..

I’m not good at writing especially in english …

France!!! city of love !!! city of néon ?? google helped me with “néon” 

to me, France is dream that far far away .. It seems like I have no confident to make my dream come true nahhhhhhhhhhhhh. I CAN DO IT

I can do it in 5 years of working maybe ??? who knows

Eiffel tower, the Sein…that is all I know about beautiful France, it ok??? I’m ok 

I’m ok with me now

I’m ok because i have a dream that will come true 

I’m ok beacuse i believe one day i’ll be in France

I’m ok because i’ll take many many pictures with France 

I’m ok because I know that I’m in love with France

I’m ok because I know France

I’m ok because I read about France

I’m ok ..

Actually, I traveled France throught TV, books … maybe 

I’ve loved a guy since I love the hell that happened????

France city of love!!! because French kiss …

what am I writing now..

messy words ..messy thought …